“Noel restores spirit of Christmas”
“Noel the Musical” is a most lovely addition to the Christmas landscape — filled with enchantment swirling through the snow falling on the “invisible” homeless in a London park. Rounding out the top-flight team is director Sam Scalamoni…”
-Diana Nollen The Gazette


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Elf the Musical
National Tours

“Like a Christmas morning filled with pancakes and presents, the show is a delight from start to finish, and this winning production, directed by Sam Scalamoni, will put smiles on the faces of both children and adults alike.”
“Scalamoni's production isn't skimping on the holiday cheer; rather, it completes it.”
—David Gordon, TheatreMania NY

“Hilarious and heart-warming, this 'Elf' delivers”
“If you're looking for a big, reasonably glitzy, urban-mythologizing, feel-good downtown show that is a good time Elf the Musical really is very funny. And warm.”
“It's really a clever (and gutsy) satirical creation and it tickled me throughout.”
—Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

ELF THE MUSICAL Proves There is No Place Like Home”
“Director Sam Scalamoni strikes a nice balance between the fantasy of the piece and the reality of a family being slowly ripped apart.”
—Michael K. Roberts, Showbiz Chicago

Elf In Detroit: It’s A Candy Cane Of A Musical”
“The production, directed by Sam Scalamoni, is colorful and lively and full of comfort and joy.” —Martin F. Kohn, CBS Detroit

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Beauty and The Beast
Ogunquit Playhouse 

“Director Sam Scalamoni takes that layout and runs with it. His choices – synchronized movement between set, scene and actor – add a colorful layer of interest to the story...Scalamoni populates this world with an abundance of talent, each with strong to outstanding singing voices.”
—Jeanné McCartin,

Les Miserables
Cortland Repertory Theatre

winner of the SALT Award for:
Best Director of a Musical
Best Musical of the Year

“...director Sam Scalamoni has staged it from top to bottom not just as a showdown between Jean Valjean and Javert, but a teeming portrait of an entire city.” “Scalamoni’s on-the-boil pacing and tempo, results in a show teeming with life.”
—Bryan Van Campen, Ithaca Times

Les Miserables packs a powerful punch...” “...worth every minute.” “This was a stellar show that theatre aficionados should not miss.”
—Katie Keyser Hall, The Cortland Standard

“...creative staging...” “...wonderful early 19th century authenticity and musical excellence as executed by Sam Scalamoni.”
—Tony Curulla,

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Agatha Christie’s
An Unexpected Guest
Cortland Repertory Theatre

Winner of the Broadway World award:
Best Director of a Play

"Not only do exciting things take place a few inches in front of our noses, but these well-bred people are lying even more often than they’re murdering. Director Scalamoni, previously known at Cortland Repertory for musicals, such as the 2005 production of I Do! I Do!, ratchets up the tension in the second act."—James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

"Director Sam Scalamoni gives everyone in the ensemble ample time to put skin and bones on the characters, all the better to make them human and relatable and harder to gauge their true character. The result is so ingenious that the only thing that could make it better would be a suspect score card and maybe a prize for the lucky audience member who can put it all together."—David Blatchley, Ithaca Times

"A lot of the fun of Christie's plays is in the distinct and even idiosyncratic characters in them. Director Sam Scalamoni makes sure that the actors have plenty of space to develop their characters, a must if the audience is to be able to keep characters clear as various plot angles emerge. At the opening night performance the capacity audience loved it!"—Neil Novelli, The Post Standard

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